The 2nd ams symposium on the joint center for satellite data assimilation
94th annual ams meeting
February 2-6, 2014 - atlanta, GA

The Joint Center has agreed with the American Meteorological Society to arrange a "Second Symposium on the Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation" as part of the "Tenth Annual Symposium on New Generation Operational Environmental Satellite Systems" during the 2014 AMS Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

The JCSDA Symposium will take place Monday, February 3 to Thursday, February 6, and will primarily focus on the scientific and technical activities of the JCSDA and its partners. The JCSDA Symposium Poster Session is scheduled for Wednesday, February 5, and talks co-hosted by the JCSDA Symposium and the Symposium on New Generation Operational Environmental Satellite Systems will occur on Thursday, February 6.

More information on the JCSDA Symposium, and a full schedule of events, can be found at the AMS web program for the Second Symposium on the Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation.

For additional information please contact the program chairperson, Lars Peter Riishojgaard, JCSDA (, or Jim Yoe, JCSDA (

JCSDA Posters, Oral Presentations, and Presenters from the 2014 AMS Meeting

Kazumasa Aonashi et al. Dual-Scale Neighboring Ensemble Variational Assimilation or a Cloud-Resolving Model (Poster)

Nancy Baker et al. An Assessment of the Impact of the Assimilation of NASA TERRA MISR Atmospheric Motion Vectors on the NRL Global Atmospheric Prediction System (Presentation)

Michael Barlage et al. Comparison of Land Surface Temperature From a Land Model, Remote Sensing, and In-situ Measurements (Poster)

Li Bi and Sid Boukabara Offline Assessment of NESDIS OSCAT Data (Presentation)

Luis Blacutt et al. Combining TRMM3B42 Database with Observations Over Complex Terrain (Poster)

Sid Boukabara et al. A Physical Approach for a Simultaneous Retrieval of Sounding, Surface, Hydrometeor and Cryospheric Parameters from SNPP/JPSS ATMS (Presentation) & Accompanying MiRS Temperature Sounding Assessment animation

Sean Casey et al. Impact Assessments of Adding Errors to Simulated Radiance Data in Observing System Simulation Experiments (Poster)

Li Fang et al. Impact of Near-real-time Satellite Observations on Simulations of Noah LSM in NLDAS (Presentation)

Kevin Garrett and Sid Boukabara A Generalized Approach to Microwave Satellite Data Assimilation Quality Control and Preprocessing (Poster)

Ashley Griffin The Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Algorithm Change Process (ACP) and the Suomi National Polar Orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) Satellite's External Users (Poster)

Dan Holdaway et al. Preparing for GPM: Inclusion of Linearized Moist Physics in NASA's Data Assimilation Tools (Presentation)

Edward Hyer et al. Preparation for Assimilation of Aerosol Optical Depth Data from NPP VIIRS in a Global Aerosol Model (Presentation)

Jun Li et al. Handling Clouds in Assimilating High Spectral Resolution Infrared Radiances (Presentation)

Haidao Lin et al. Impact of Different Satellite Radiance Data Sets Using 3D-Var and Hybrid Variational/EnKF Data Assimilation Systems in the Rapid Refresh (Presentation)

Quanhua (Mark) Liu et al. Progress in Community Radiative Transfer Model for Satellite Radiance Assimilation (Poster)

Zaizhong Ma et al. Observing System Simulation Experiments for Space-based Doppler Wind Lidar Observations (Poster)

Stephen Macpherson et al. Assimilation Experiments with Ground-based GPS Observations in the Environment Canada Global and Regional Deterministic Prediction Systems (Poster)

Michael McAtee Observation Impact on Mesoscale Model Forecast Accuracy over Southwest Asia (Presentation)

Christa Peters-Lidard et al. Preparing to Assimilate Current and Future Land Surface Products at GMAO, AFWA, NCEP, and NRL Using a Common Data Assimilation Infrastructure (Presentation)

Zhaoxia Pu et al. The Impact of Satellite-derived Temperature Profiles on Simulating and Understanding Tropical Cyclone Genesis (Poster)

Yves Rochon et al. Ozone Assimilation and Its Impact on the Environment Canada UV Index Forecasts (Poster)

David Santek et al. Evaluation of a New Method to Quality Control Satellite-derived Polar Winds in the NCEP GDAS/GFS (Presentation)

Kathryn Sauter et al. Verification of Precipitation Estimates for the Goddard Profiling Algorithm 2014 (Poster)

Yudong Tian et al. Land Surface Microwave Emissivity: Modeling and Validation to Support Global Precipitation Mission (Poster)

Wenze Yang et al. An Improved Microwave Satellite Data Set for Hydrological and Meteorological Applications (Poster)

Bradley Zavodsky and Jayanthi Srikishen Use of MODIS Cloud Top Pressure to Improve Assimilation Yields of AIRS Radiances in GSI (Poster)

Xiwu Zhan et al. Soil Moisture Operational Product System for NCEP GFS Land Data Assimilation (Presentation)

Weizhong Zheng et al. Impact Study of AMSR2 Soil Moisture Product in the NCEP Global Forecast System (Presentation)

Tong Zhu and Sid Boukabara Impact of Geostationary Satellite Data on Superstorm Sandy Forecast - Lateral Boundary Conditions and Satellite Data Impacts (Poster)