JCSDA Summer Colloquium on Data Assimilation
Stevenson, Washington
July 7-17, 2009

Sponsored by the JCSDA
Coordinated by USRA Huntsville Program Office, Universities Space Research Association

The NASA/NOAA/DoD Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation (JCSDA) held a Summer Colloquium on Data Assimilation in 2009 engaging graduate students and individuals with early postdoctoral appointments in the science of data assimilation for the atmosphere, land, and oceans. The program included lectures by internationally recognized experts in data assimilation and an opportunity for students to interact with the lecturers in an informal setting. The objective of the program was to foster the education of the next generation of data assimilation scientists.

Colloquium Topics

The following topics were covered during the Colloquium:

  • Data assimilation fundamentals including variational and ensemble techniques

  • Satellite data applications including infrared and microwave

  • Overview of atmospheric, ocean, and land data assimilation

  • Overview of the global observing system

List of Colloquium Lecturers with Bios and Presentations

Dr. Nancy L. Baker, Navy/NRL, Bio
NRL Satellite Assimilation Activities

Dr. Christopher D. Barnet, NOAA/NESDIS/STAR, Bio
Introduction to Remote Sounding Infrared
Introduction to Infrared Radiative Transfer

Dr. Lidia Cucurull, JCSDA, Bio
Global Positioning System (GPS) Radio Occultation (RO) Data Assimilation

Dr. John Derber, NWS/NCEP
Atmospheric Data Assimilation at NCEP

Dr. Stephen English, UKMO, Bio
Atmospheric Data Assimilation at the Met Office

Dr. Ronald M. Errico, NASA/GSFC, Bio
Introduction to Adjoint Models
The Design, Validation, and Applications of Observing System Simulation Experiments
Issues Regarding the Assimilation of Precipitation Observations

Dr. Ronald Gelaro, NASA/GSFC, Bio
Estimating Observation Impact Using the Adjoint of a Data Assimilation System
Atmospheric Data Assimilation at NASA/GMAO

Dr. (Hans) Xiang-Yu Huang, NCAR, Bio
Regional 4D-Var

Dr. Kayo Ide, University of Maryland, Bio
Ocean Data Quality Control [and Assimilation]

Dr. Eugenia Kalnay, University of Maryland, Bio
Introduction to Ensemble Kalman Filter
Ensemble Kalman Filter: Comparisons with 3D and 4D-Var and EnKF Diagnostics

Dr. Rolf Langland, Navy/NRL
Overview of Adaptive Observing

Dr. Andrew C. Lorenc, UKMO, Bio
Fundamentals of Data Assimilation
A Bayesian View of Data Assimilation
Atmospheric Data Quality Control and Its Impact on Data Assimilation

Dr. Robert N. Miller, Oregon State University, Bio
Ocean Satellite Observations and Challenges
Ocean Data Assimilation

Dr. R. Bradley Pierce, NESDIS/STAR, Bio
Constituent and Aerosol Assimilation

Dr. R. James Purser, NWS/NCEP, Bio
Covariance Modeling - Principles
Covariance Modeling - Practical Applications

Dr. Rolf Reichle, NASA/GSFC, Bio
Land Data Assimilation

Dr. Lars Peter Riishojgaard, JCSDA, Bio
Overview of the Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation
The Global Observing System
Developments in Satellite Observations

Dr. Tom Rosmond, Navy/NRL, Bio
Computational Issues

Dr. Yannick Trémolet, ECMWF, Bio
Variational Data Assimilation Current Status
Variational Data Assimilation Weak Constraint 4D-Var

Dr. Fuzhong Weng, NESDIS/STAR, Bio
Microwave Remote Sensing: 1. Microwave Radiometry Principle
Microwave Remote Sensing: 2. Theory, Algorithms and Applications
Radiative Transfer in the Earth Atmosphere: The Fundamentals
Radiative Transfer in the Earth Atmosphere: Community Radiative Transfer Model